Rip-off Report Investigates O2 Media: Finds “Scam” Allegations to be False

Brandstar Entertainment - O2 Media Florida

During an appearance on The Morning Show on ABC, Ed Magedson, founder and Editor-in-Chief of was humorously dubbed “Erin Brokovich without the body.” His body of work however, which includes the sites and, is no laughing matter, providing a much-needed forum for consumers who feel they have been victimized by the unscrupulous business practices of corporations or individuals. But what happens when a false report is filed with the explicit intent of malicious defamation? Fortunately, given proper funding, Rip-off Report’s Corporate Advocacy team will spring into action, performing a thorough investigation to determine whether the claims are fraudulent. Such is the case with Pompano Beach, FL based O2 Media, who had suffered numerous false accusations claiming its services, were a “scam,” but due to a Rip-off Report investigation have been completely cleared of any wrongdoing.

“Our first question was why the passionate complaints?” Magedson wrote in his investigative report on O2 Media’s false “scam” accusations. “[O2 Media] and their affiliates… have produced thousands of materials for thousands of clients. To date this was the first filing on our website. Upon further investigation we found that these postings coincided with the firing of a long time employee… and we have concluded that these postings are directly related to what we account for as a disgruntled employee attempting to get back at a former employer. Rip-off Report encourages whistle bowers but we frown upon false claims. Its one thing to participate as a whistle blower; it's an entirely different thing to pose as a dissatisfied customer as this individual is doing.”

After determining that the “scam” accusations were completely false, and with unconditional cooperation from O2 Media and its executives, Magedson and his team dug even deeper, investigating each and every fraudulent claim that had been posted to see if any of them held water. What he found was that O2 Media had been producing television shows and infomercials for over 10 years, using the popular “Branded Entertainment” advertising format, and had managed to provide better and more cost effective production than most of its competitors. After contacting past O2 Media customers, the investigative team was hard pressed to find any complaints about the services they had received. The only disappointment any past customer expressed stemmed primarily from lower than expected sales of their product after using O2 Media for advertisement production. This, of course, is an obvious risk when purchasing any form of advertising, and does not in any way reflect on the quality of O2 Media products and services.

“All companies will get complaints, but how those companies and individuals handle those complaints separates good business from bad business” Magedson states in his detailed report. “When a company is candid and cooperative and willing to participate in an open unbiased evaluation by Rip-off Report and furthermore when they willingly provide the resources to do so we usually find they have nothing to hide, are focused on creating positive customer experiences, and best of all are a company that Rip-off Report can feel good about recommending to our readers.”

Wholly-owned subsidiaries of O2 Media include DR Marketing Group, BrandStar Entertainment, and Quorum Productions. O2 Media’s informative shows, including The Balancing Act, Designing Spaces, Kitchen Spaces, Kids Spaces, Holiday, and Think Green are geared towards disseminating innovative ideas and practical solutions to everyday challenges. Guests on the shows have included representatives from companies such as Microsoft, Disney,MTV, Samsung, Chase Bank,Procter & Gamble,Wal-Mart, Celebrity Cruise Lines and many others. To read the full report detailing the investigation of O2 Media’s false “scam” accusations, go to To find out more about O2 Media and its affiliates, “Branded Entertainment,” or any O2 Media service, go to
O2 Media Inc. is the parent company and corporate entity that oversees three wholly-owned operating subsidiaries: Quorum Productions Inc., BrandStar Entertainment, and O2 Production Studios Inc.